The Modern Era And Its Impact On The World

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The Modern period is a cultural movement that has a lasting impact on the world. The Romantic period provoked everyone to rebellion and two of the greatest revolutions, the American and French, were an outcome of that period. Thus, the Modern period was born when the Romantics faded out and this shift in culture changed the world forever. Modernism changed the way people lived in a number of different reasons, but there are three that stood out from the rest. The Modern Era changed the world through literature, producing some of the greatest works in history, through technology and science, this new scientific movement invented groundbreaking technology, and lastly through wars, people realized that being ruled by one all-powerful monarchy is not the way they want to live. A lot of credit can go to the Enlightenment and Romantic periods, but the Modern period shaped the world so radically that it would not be the same without it. The Modern period in literature took an unexpected turn. In the past, literature had a traditional flow to it. The Romantics somewhat broke away from this traditional form, but Modern literature completely broke off from the old fashion way of viewing and interpreting the world. According to an article Modernism, the author states “Experimentation and individualism became virtues, where in the past they were often heartily discouraged.” At first, the literature of this time was a push back against the Victorian culture, which was the main way of
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