The Modern Influence Of Honey Singh

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Predating the modern influence of Honey Singh in Bollywood, Hollywood orchestra was apparent in the music styles chosen by directors and song writers of its time. Western orchestra was used to emphasize in Bollywood movies the different emotions characters were facing during specific scenes. Using jazz and orchestra music in Indian music with Hollywood western influence, blended to form and incorporated music style in Bollywood films. Jazz and orchestra music were given a new meaning in Bollywood movies by creating non verbal personalities to characters. "Hollywood techniques can be seen to be working in Hindi films through a range of mechanisms. Some, like the bluesy saxophone music, appear to be arbitrary, learned conventions. Others, such as the use of the symphony orchestra and large choruses for grandeur may have a potential for application in a range of cultures, due to the common association of size and scale with wealth and grandeur"(Morcom 13). Using jazz music in Indian movies, represented the sensuality and erotic theme given off by female and or male heroines. Orchestra music gave the audience a preview as to the beginning of a love affair and slow tempo dancing that equates to romantic scenes. "For this film, composer Naushad, became the first music director to not only use a 100-piece orchestra, but also developed the system of western notation in India. With this, he became the pioneer for introducing, western music to India"(Ingle 1). Crossing into a new era
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