The Modern Life Span Perspective Essay

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Some scientist and theorist believe that a person 's current position in life is the result of a combination of their experiences and interacting influences. This can occur from infancy through very old age, even before birth. For example, career choices can be affected by personal experiences or inborn abilities. This may be from the individual or the influence of adult role models, which can be positive or negative. According to Sigelman, Rider, & De George-Walker (2013), human development is shown to be very complex, with many interconnected processes through the modern lifespan perspective. This context is based on seven key assumptions, where I will analyse in depth in this paper and will show how the modern life span perspective is relevant to my decision to become a Social worker based on my experiences. The life span perspective in Paul Baltes ' view is the "study of constancy and change in behaviour throughout the life course from conception to death.” (Baltes, 1987, p.611). Being a development psychologist, Baltes constructed seven frameworks that shows that development is multi directional, which means different processes of change all through the lifespan. Secondly, development is multiply influenced by a person 's development, an effect brought about from both biological and environmental factors. Thirdly, understanding development requires multiple disciplines, development that analyse in all directions so that it can be understood through many perspectives
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