The Modern Medieval Hero

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The Modern Medieval Hero The Modern Medieval Hero Bruce Wayne was only but a child when he watched helplessly as his parents were gunned down in front of him during a mugging in Gotham City. This crime would come to define his life. To the public, he would excel and succeed his father and become the heir and millionaire of the Wayne corporation. In secret, he would dedicate himself to becoming one of the world’s greatest weapons against crime—the Batman. Batman perfectly embodies the idea of a hero. He combats crime in the city of Gotham with relative ease having pushed himself to the absolute pinnacle of physical human achievement while simultaneously wielding a mastery of fighting techniques and an arsenal of advanced crime-fighting technology. An intellectually brilliant detective with a plan for any and every occasion, seemingly always ahead of his foes. Batman battles anything from common thugs and criminals on city streets, to super villains and psychopaths wielding weapons or tools that could mean an end for not only himself but for the city he strives to protect. The common criminals do not pose a threat to Batman himself, but he fights them to save the people of Gotham City in accordance with a strong ethical code. He releases criminals to the authorities instead of handling them at his own discretion. The criminals in his career typically do not pose such an immediate and large enough threat to civilian lives and so Batman will not kill them,
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