The Modern Racism

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The term racism, is very controversial term in the current society. Nowadays, racism is defined as a physical or psychological aggression because discrimination due to skin color, hair color and shape, nationality, etc. Racism did not exist along all human history. But since is present in the society it had change its forms to be apply and perpetuated through the years. However, the big doubt is if racism could be combated and what the population have to contribute to eliminate this cancer created by the ideology of the society. Racism was not always present in the human society. In the remotes era of human civilization did not exist ethnic groups or racial divisions. Because, according to Barbara Jeanna Fields "… race is not an idea but is an ideology..."(Fields). This thought from Fields means that race is not an idea of an individual that just appear, rather this is a set of ideas stablished in our society. The ideology of race had become a problematic worldwide in the present days. The Famous anthropologist Leight Mulling suggest that "… modern racism is a global system influenced by western conquest that is able to adapt its forms to be perpetuated in the local systems"(Mulling). When Mulling points that racism is a system influenced by western conquest means that racism is hand to hand with slavery and capitalism. Moreover, racism not only happen between whites and blacks, or between poor and rich, because, the fact is that racism is deeply attach to our system,

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