The Modern Scientific Origin Story

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term “nothing” as “one of no interest, value, or consequence” ( However, this nothingness embarked the start of the Modern Scientific Origin Story. This origin story is far from other origin stories as it uses the different branches of science to put great detail and truth to how the universe began. This story is also composed of a series of the different thresholds of increasing complexity, these thresholds mark the events that happened after the expansion of the universe that is impossible to turn back to or repeat. The biggest mystery of the universe is how nothing turned into something. As a matter of fact, no scientist or intellect can tell what exactly are the ingredients—…show more content…
Furthermore, the death of the first generations of stars that were created in Stars Light Up, high pressure and temperature, and nuclear fusion— occurs when hydrogen heats up to ten million degrees, are what makes up the next threshold called as New Chemical Elements.This threshold gave way to the birth of Chemistry and the creation of ninety-two new elements that are far more complex than hydrogen, which has one proton, and helium, which has two. Without this threshold, the periodic table of elements— a table of chemical elements that makes up everything in the universe, would have never existed. The periodic table of elements are composed of different elements that can chemically combine to make new elements, so essentially, how are these individual elements made? The answer is in the stars, particularly the massive ones. When these massive stars die, they cause a supernova— a supernova emits enough heat and pressure that it created all the other elements in the universe, it then scatters them all over space due to the shock waves it produces. The universe truly works in an interesting way, so far it has produced something out of nothing and now, it built complex elements that will ultimately lead us to the next…show more content…
In spite of this, how could life possibly emerge? The answer is within the skies. It rained for millions of years and seas of lava eventually turned into seas of water, becoming a gateway for life to possibly emerge. Along with this are the other goldilocks conditions such as energy and chemical elements, mostly carbon which Earth is in abundance of. So now that the Earth became a hospitable place in which life could emerge, how did it really emerge? Life emerged under the oceanic vents where simple elements formed amino acids that are keys to creating protein and nucleotides that are keys to creating DNA— the deoxyribose nucleic acid is the key to life as it contains genetic information for what is to come. Life came from the oceanic vents which had enough heat energy and chemical energy to form the first prokaryotes— the simplest form of cells without a nucleus and was created through photosynthesis. Then it evolved into something that is more complex which is the eukaryote which now has a nucleus and organelles that are crucial to life. As life in water emerged and the eukaryotes bonded together creating multi-celled organism, the development of brains made it possible for life to move to land. This sudden event created mammals which unlike aquatic animals, have fur and the more obvious qualities of life. These qualities are what scientists call as
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