The Modern Time

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One of the characteristics of the modern time is the velocity with which everything around us is changing. Some people would say that we are in a period of great technological advances and deep spiritual introspection. Nevertheless, is this spiritual phenomenon an intrinsic characteristic of our time or is it a long process coming from the Ancient Period? In one way or another, much of the religious history is tight to one or many superior beings, often called gods. Still, it seems like these superior beings have not been able to escape human influence and in some cases, they seem unable to escape much more than just that. If God gave the men a powerful tool, it was his capacity to create objects, ideas, and characters with his imagination. When we look back in time, it is very difficult to identify something in our planet that has been transformed or modified by human hands. The spiritual world is not the exception of the rule. When we analyze Gilgamesh, we can see the presence of many gods figure, but in some way these superior figures tend to behave like humans. They tend to reflect humans emotions like vanity, hate, lust, and many others. These gods tend to act more under the effect of emotions and desire than under wisdom and goodwill. It is like theses gods are an extension of human behavior, the only difference is that they are a lot more powerful than humans. This is a very basic idea that has been discussed through the time. Of course, the gods have to be more
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