The Modern View Of Islam

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The modern view of Islam in the United States is often influenced by the stereotype created by westerners based on the history of military conflict between the United States and Islamic countries. In turn, the view of Americans has shifted in Islamic countries due to the religious generalization that has been developed. It is widely known that the United States and Islamic countries have had military conflict in the past, with examples such as the September 11th attacks or the location and assassination of Osama Bin Laden, however the negative social interaction between these two communities is seldom addressed within western society. It is the misconception of the Muslim religion and Islamic culture that is to blame for these social biases which have placed Muslims in America into a social subjugation predominantly by people of non-Muslim religious affiliation in western society. In parallel and due to this subjugation, a negative opinion of Americans in Islamic countries has been adhered. To address this issue in a two-hour briefing with the President of the United States, the topic of religious generalization and the physical and social harm it has caused to the Muslim community will be addressed. Likewise, it is to the concern of the President of the United States that the American reputation has been harmed – as it is his job to uphold the American reputation within the international realm.
To aid in my argument and provide another rationale, I will bring politician
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