The Modern World

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There are many challenges in the modern world. Education has been one of the biggest challenges throughout history and continues to still be a challenge around the world. There is much competition, especially between countries and churches over who had the best education system, but it is nearly impossible to determine what the best educational system entails, which is one of the many challenges. Education has always been major topic among churches across the world. Some of the main objectives of the church are explained in Holy Longing by R. Rolheiser, which uses five metaphors to describe the church. One of the metaphors that Rolheiser used describes how the church is like a rope in that it leads us to where we want to go and where we will succeed (Rolheiser 1999). The church is a place that will help guide and lead you as a rope would. Churches provide many tools and programs that are designed to help educate and guide people.
It had been ever present that the number of people who attend mass has been declining over the years.
“At present in Australia, about forty per cent of Catholics attend mass at some time during the year: approximately twenty-three per cent attend at least once a month; with about eighteen per cent attending on anyone Sunday… there has been a steady decline in attendance, of approximately two and a half to three per cent each year” (Brown 2000).

The decrease in people attending mass is due to the gap between biblical culture and contemporary
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