The Modernist Movement And Its Influence On Art

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The Modernist movement was an intellectual and cultural movement that began at the start of the 20th century and lasted until around 1945. One of the factors that helped shaped Modernism was the development of modern industrial societies as well as the rapid growth of cities. Modernists rejected Enlightenment thinking and some even rejected certain religious beliefs. One characteristic, possibly the most important one, of Modernism was the idea of self-consciousness (Farah). The Modernist movement would influence the literature written such as novels and poetry and would also have an influence on art work during this time period. Three people who were influenced by the modernist movement include F. Scott Fitzgerald, T.S Eliot, and Georgia O’ Keeffe.

There would also be a movement called the Post-Modernist Movement. Post-Modernism was a departure from modernism. This movement took place during the mid-twentieth century. One characteristic during the post-modern movement was that there was no absolute truth. Postmodernists believed that truth is an illusion misused by people to gain power over other people. The postmodern movement is identified with deconstruction and cultural criticism. Cultural criticism questions the notions of "high" and "low" cultures and tends to treat all works of art as equally legitimate cultural expressions. Deconstruction questions the notion of a single, unified meaning in a literary work. The deconstructionists attempt to show that texts are
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