The Modernity Of Dracula By Bram Stoker

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The Modernity of Dracula
On May 26, 1897 Bram Stoker published his first popular novel, Dracula. It was written in a time when a significant shift from religious to scientific views was taking place. The book is set in the same time and came to generally reflect the views that many people had about science and religion. As a child, Stoker’s mother would tell him old tales and legends that were very popular in the early Victorian Ages (Geherin). There were many different stories about the dead rising from the grave and terrible beasts that tormented and killed people. These gothic tales can clearly be seen in his work especially the popular vampire tale. Vampires are corpses that rise from the dead and possess supernatural powers such as being able to turn into a bat along with living forever and being as strong as many men. They are souls that are “disturbed” and the only way of bringing one to peace is to kill it with religious symbols, wood stakes, or silver. While being a vampire may sound cool, they actually tend to be quite evil beings. The whole point of their existence is to attack and bite other people in order to control them and make them do as they please. In the story after Harker escapes from Count Dracula 's castle The Count starts to hunt down his fiancees friend Lucy. After biting Lucy, Harker and his friends are in complete disarray about what is wrong with her. Dr. Seward who…

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