The Modernization Of America

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Modernization of America

In the late 19th century, technology, jobs, and immigration rates surged. Technology ranged from the telegraph to the telephone and from horses to subways. Jobs in the United States of America offered financial stability. The stability was carried by wages. Many needed these jobs including farmers, who depended on their crops, and immigrants, to make ends meet. Immigrants from abroad came to America; Europeans, Asians, Canadians, Hispanics, Russians, etc. Many immigrants came to America to get away from their controlling government which pushed the immigrants to America and the wages was an extra pull. As everything reshaped to accommodate these new advances, the US began to change.

A major advancement in human technology was the transcontinental railroads. The transcontinental railroad extended across the continent. Railroads had the power of speeding up transportation for business and for one's own pleasure to travel. It was now easier for farmers who sold cattle to make business. Travel from the west would take 6 months, and it now took about a week. As good as railroads were, there were downsides as well, for the Native Americans at least. They would be removed from their home and placed by reservations. In the document,“The Great Railroad Strike of 1894,” Frank A. Leach published an autobiography that described the events of the railroad strike. Men refused to make up trains with sleeping cars. This basically meant that it stopped all
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