The Module Three Critical Thinking Assignment

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Workplace Negotiations The module three critical thinking assignment is seven questions to help determine the opponents issues, BATNA, and source of power. Knowing the information will help analyze the workplace negotiation. Assignment Questions In September of 2015 Company “A” was in the process of acquiring Company “B”. Negotiations between Mike, the Senior Managing Director of Company “A” and myself, Kerry, National Vice President at Company “B” were happening to have me join Company “A” in a leadership role after the merger between the two companies takes place. 1. What are the five most important issues to you? My five most important issues is the pay compensation, position title for new role, job security, opportunities and…show more content…
What issues are most important to your opponent? Mike would like me to work for his company and be able to provide him with knowledge that I know, and use my relationship based power to help with the employees transferring over. Mike does not have an open role at Company “A” that is comparable to the current role that Kerry is in at Company “B”. Mike does not want to pay Kerry what her current salary is, as that is more than he is paying other employees working in similar roles currently at Company “A”. Mike does not want to match Kerry’s current bonus potential, as he currently does not pay his current employees that high of a bonus. Mike feels that it would be difficult for Kerry to get the same role she has at Company “B” as upper level senior positions do not become available that frequently and are usually located in other states. 5. What is your opponent’s BATNA? Reservation Price? Target? Mike wants to offer Kerry a position of Director of Real Estate, with a base pay of $165,000 per year and an annual bonus potential of 20% of her salary. He is will to transfer her tenure over, and needs to convince Kerry that even though the position he is offering Kerry, there will be opportunities at Company “A” in the future for Kerry. 6. What are your opponent’s sources of power? Mike has legitimate power since he is in the role of Senior Managing Director and is also the sole hiring manager for a role that would be a fit for Kerry. 7. What is your opening move/first
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