The Molecular Medicine And Genetics Community

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According to Swales, a discourse community is deemed distinct for its members share a common goal, for how they utilize specific genres and lexis, and how they provide a specific kind of information to a specific audience. Genre are the means of communicating a specific kind of information to a specific audience. Anne Beaufort shares that in order for a “product” to be competent conceptual comprehension of her five knowledge domains is necessary (Beaufort 7). These five knowledge domains are: discourse community knowledge, subject matter knowledge, genre knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, and writing process knowledge. For the discourse community discussed in my extended writing project, the Molecular Medicine and Genetics community, a few commonly utilized genre are analyzed. These genres include research articles, research reports, and lab notebooks.

Rhetorical and Other Textual Features


Research Article: The audience for a genre is not necessarily limited to one discourse community; rather, it can be used to achieve Discourse with other communities. The research article genre allows a Molecular Medicine and Genetics researcher to communicate with the world 's scientific audience. Research articles are usually submitted to a peer-reviewed scientific journal where the results of the research article is repeated and if the results are found to be true then it is published in the scientific journal, for example, Cell Journal. The publication allows the researcher to…
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