The Molecules Of Emotion By Dr Candace Pert

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In this book review of Molecules of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert, an analysis and evaluation in light of specific issues and application to a biological psychology course is presented. First, an overview of the literature’s importance and purpose is discussed. Next, a breakdown on the relevancy of the topics discussed within the book. This analysis considers whether the content is based in empirical science, how the content influences the field of mind-body connection science, and the potential of the information for other students. This book was first published 17 years ago, and while some of the ideas it explains have been embraced by the natural healing professions, some are generally still not accepted by allopathic medicine. The analysis demonstrates whether there is significance to the course, and any insights into course content.
Pert, was a research professor at Georgetown University Medical Center, and was at the forefront of key discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and AIDS therapy. She was also intimately involved in the discovery of the brain 's opiate receptors in 1972. Her memoir Molecule’s of Emotion describes some of her breakthroughs while providing very real insight into the processes and politics at the core of modern science.

Keywords: emotion; learning; receptors; reflection.

Dr Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion: A Book Review

What are emotions? Do feelings prompt behaviour, or is a feeling merely the shadow of an action?

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