Essay on The Molten Core Theory

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The Molten Core Theory The center of the Earth is composed of a solid metallic core surrounded by a molten layer of liquid metal. This paper will discuss the reasons to believe the theory that the Earth has a molten core, and the important discoveries that have led to this generally accepted theory. It is very reasonable to agree with this theory when paying credence to the logical evidence that answers questions about the Earth’s core. This evidence includes information about the elemental make up of the Earth, the reason for the Earth’s magnetic field, and some of the possibilities of the Earth’s formation. Dr. Ken Rubin, an assistant professor of geology at the University of Hawaii. Explains that the Earth is made up…show more content…
This tells them what, and how much of an element should be present in the Earth. This is how scientists know what is present in the Earth. This is also what allows them to make judgments on what is present deep inside of the Earth. A recent study by professor of geology, Xiaodong Song, explains another way to affirm the composition and structure of the interior of the Earth is through the use of seismic waves. Seismic waves are waves created by movement in the Earth. These waves can have different properties that can react with changing densities within the earth. Knowing the different reactions can be used to determine the density of the earth at the different depths. It is also a powerful tool in determining the elements present in the earth. Taking into consideration the different ways the waves react to the elements can provide a clue as to the element that the wave has contacted. Certain seismic waves pass through the Earth at different speeds, and furthermore, specific elements and compounds in the Earth cause those waves to disperce differently. The different rates that these waves move at different depths gives geologist information on the varying densities and compostition of the Earth at the locations. Through the same basic idea of seismic waves and densities geologist have gathered enough evidence to believe that the Earth has a solid core, surrounded by molten, metallic, elements. This is determined from a specific
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