The Moment ( Kubler Ross 25 )

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in the moment (Kubler-Ross 25). This process could just be the beginning of entering some sort of afterlife whether it be a place or transportation of the soul. Reincarnation is a very common belief by most humans. This is a Buddhist and Hindu belief of the afterlife. Reincarnation is the belief that souls within every living organism never die, applying to plants, animals, and people. Reincarnation is all based on karma. Karma 's law included in the belief that determines someone’s life. In reincarnation, if one has good karma, one ascends to a higher spiritual being like going from an animal to a human, or, if one has bad karma, one descends to a lower spiritual being. This is known as samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. Nirvana is…show more content…
I was most intrigued when Philip Kapleau wrote that children with unexplained fears could be triggered from memories he or she had in an old life that could have affected them greatly (Kapleau 42). Lastly, reincarnation can be the reason for intuition too. The biggest proof we have are the people with past-life memories. Ian Stevenson, and expert in reincarnation research, documented more than 2,000 cases of true past-life memories (Kapleau 42). Usually when people under hypnosis, they give information on a person earlier in history with extreme details. Most end up being true. This could be an explanation to rebirth. On Today News, recently in 2015, a ten-year-old boy named Ryan shared his past-life story. Ryan had horrible nightmares when he was four years old, and his mother said he would always tell her he used to be somebody else. He said he lived in Hollywood, danced on Broadway, and traveled around the world. When the mom started searching for answers, she came across a picture. Ryan said it was him. This man was an extra in a movie called Night After Night. When the mother went to an investigator he found that his name was Marty Martyn, born in 1903, and he was infact all the things Ryan said. Over fifty-five of Ryan’s statements were true. Ryan would have no way of knowing this information because it was not found online or in any books. Ryan says his memories are fading as he is getting older. There are many
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