The Monarch Era Of Britain

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Since confederation in 1867, more than 17 million immigrants have landed in Canada. Immigration policy back then was very different from now, of course. But all of them have one thing in common. In order for them to become Canadian citizen they must have swear an oath to Queen. I believe it is time for a change in the system as Canada is completely different from back then. Using Canada itself as the figure is more appropriate than the Queen, fit the constitution better, and supported by our society structure. New citizen should swear a pledge to Canada, instead of an oath to Queen.
In our current system, potential citizens are required to swear an oath to the Queen under the Oaths of Allegiance Act, rewritten in 1985, required in the Citizenship Act. This law roots back to the monarch era of the Great Empire of Britain, specifically 1689 by King William II and III and Queen Mary II. Its purpose was to secure the supremacy of the reigning monarch and in its colony, including Canada. It found its way into our modern law system created in the confederation of Canada in 1867. The oath had stayed the same for 150 years.
From a British colony to known for its multiculturalism and diversity with 20% of immigrants representing its total population. Yet, Canadian immigrants still had to bow and oath to the foreign Queen? Dror Bar-Natan is a math professor from Israel. He is also one of the long-time permanent residents who challenge the oath. He agrees with what the rule the oath
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