The Monarch Of Morocco : The Ruler Of The Faithful Essay

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The Monarch of Morocco is also the “leader of the faithful” and his dynasty is descended from the prophet Mohamed. He represents the Islamic religion as well as he is the ruler and leader of people: his words are revered and respected by everybody, his person and his royal family are sacred. This state of affair, as Orlando declares, represented a clear impediment regarding the thematic dimension of both Moroccan films and literature. With regards to its development, Orlando explains that Moroccan cinema differed significantly from that of its neighboring nations because the sociopolitical circumstances were not similar. The films made at the time of independence were mere propaganda and tried to respond to “different ministries which also commissioned newsreels designed for state propaganda” (Armes, 20). Moroccan cinema at its beginning was a state-run instrument, concentrating essentially on economic development documentaries and short films dealing with areas regarded to be state propriety: Films such as ‘Le fils maudit’(1958) tried to raise awareness about the role of the family and was highly moralistic providing advice regarding the necessity of faith in god and the importance of allegiance to the nation/Monarchy . Aesthetically speaking, early Moroccan films were poor in quality and reflect the CCM failure to build a strong cinema industry. In 1970, the CCM tried to fund feature films in an attempt to enhance production. However, the impact of censorship and the red

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