The Mongolian Empire : The Greatest Of The World

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The Mongolian Empire is the greatest in the world “It is not sufficient that I succeed- all others must fail,” said Genghis Khan the greatest ruler of the Mongolian Empire. The Mongol Empire was said to be one of the greatest in many charts and studies have even shown this throughout history. Even though the Mongolian Empire didn’t last the longest time it still achieved many things in their time. It was one of the biggest empires in terms of the land size. It stretched from Korea and China in the east through Siberia and Central Asia also into Persia and Eastern Europe to the west. The Mongol Empire ruled for about one hundred and sixty years. The things that the Mongolian Empire have accomplished include the things that they invented, some of the greatest rulers of the Mongol Empire, and the conquering and defeating other empires. The Mongols invented many things when they were in rule. The Middle invention of the triangular plow helped to revolutionize agriculture in China while the Chinese blast furnace made European metalworking easier and stronger. Astronomy, mathematics, engineering, banking, there was no field of knowledge that the Mongols didn’t get involved in. The Mongol empire really liked their bling and needed to protect the Silk Road. They solved these problems by creating what they called yams. Every twenty miles they needed to protect travelers and provide a place to get a hot meal and a place to sleep at night. The yams were part hotel, part post
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