The Mongols And The Mongol Empire

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Melwin Varghese
Ms. Holzinger
TOK 1 per. 2
18 August 2014
Were the Mongols able to conquer such vast areas of land because of their superior battle tactics or because of the tools and weapons the Mongols used?
I. Introduction
The Mongols were made up of many fierce tribes originating from the steppes of central Asia. They were able to take over large parts of the known world in a matter of a few decades. The Mongol empire was the greatest and largest continuous land empire the world has ever known. Relatively shortly after Genghis Khan, leader of the Mongol forces, died, the huge Mongol empire split into four Khanates that were ruled separately and independently. Ultimately these empires also failed after a period of time but the Mongols had a long standing influence on numerous cultures not only of Asia but also of the Western world.
Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongol forces. Originally named Temujin, he gave himself the name Genghis Khan. The Khan’s name has many different translations and one of them is “oceanic sovereign” (Jarus). He was a natural born tactician and conquered many great empires through clever, crafty, and many times cruel ways to beat the enemy. Genghis Khan died shortly before he was about to start a campaign against China and the Shin Empire. By Genghis Khan’s death, the Mongol Empire stretched from China all the way to Egypt. A short time after the Khan’s death, the Empire split into four Khanates. However, their combined size had not
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