The Mongols: The Crimes They Commit Essay

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The Mongols are one of the biggest motorcycle gangs and organized crime groups. This writer will examine the Mongols criminal activity to prove that they are an organized crime group. This will be done through the examination of the group’s involvement in racketeering, murder, guns, drugs, and assault. One crime that the Mongols commit that make them an organized crime group is Racketeering. Racketeering is defined as carrying out illegal business activities, usually by an organized crime group. During a three year investigation called Operation Black Rain 38 members of the Mongols were arrested under a federal racketeering indictment, including the gang’s national president, Ruben Cavazos. This operation was led by the Bureau of Alcohol, …show more content…
Another example is in 2008 a member of the Mongols named Christopher Bryan “Stoney” Ablett killed Mark “Papa” Guardado, the president of the San Francisco Chapter of the Hells Angels. Both of them were at a bar in San Francisco near the Hells Angels headquaters when Guardado was informed that Ablett was there and wearing a Mongols vest. Guardado went outside to confront Ablett and a fight broke out. Ablett stabbed Guardado four times and shot him twice, killing him (Berg, 2012).
The 2008 racketeering indictment included charges of murder and attempted murder. These charges include the killing of a man with a pool cue by two Mongols named "Villain" and "Danger," because he bad mouthed the gang. The charges also include the shooting of people at Riverside bar in 2007 (Watkins, 2008). Along with racketeering and murder, the Mongols also commit gun violations. The Mongols use guns to help carry out their other crimes. Guns were used by the Mongols to kill the Hells Angels members outside of the casino and they were used by Ablett to kill Guardado. One Mongol was arrested for possession of a hand gun when the police stopped and searched them in Temecula (Burge, 2008). The 2000 infiltration of the Mongols resulted in the confiscation of firearms. Over 70 illegal firearms were seized including an outlawed Mac-10 assault weapon and a sawed-off shotgun (Landsberg, 2000).
During the Black Rain Operation