The Monk And The Riddle

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In The Monk And The Riddle, Randy Komisar presents the idea that one should embrace their passions when starting a business. Passion will give you the motivation to persist. Additionally, it will give you the ability to think long term. Instead of trying to multitask the running of your business and your exit strategy, you can focus only on your business. In this way, you think about the business in the long term sense which is critical for building and sustaining a competitive advantage. Conversely, when one works on a business venture that they are not passionate about their ideas are subpar. This is because they do not think it is important and do not use their full brain power to solve the issues the fledgling business faces. In the case of, there were numerous problems that will be discussed. The Monk And The Riddle by Randy Komisar complements the MGMT 335 course very well. The book demonstrates the necessity in being passionate about a business venture. Passionate individuals will try just one more time. Individuals who are doing it for the money will allow themselves be talked into giving up when the plan does not make sense anymore. Passionate individuals will continue working when it seems illogical. They are the ones that usually pull through. Additionally, they are happy doing it because they because they are doing good work . The first biggest issue that faces is The idea initially presented to the venture capitalists and to Randy

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