The Monkey At My Car Window

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The Monkey at My Car Window is a story about a situation that occurred with a monkey and two businessmen on a woman’s journey to the Taj Mahal. This story teaches us about India’s culture, both urban and rural, monkey’s roles in Indian society, and how with a business mindset there is always an opportunity for a business venture.
There are many clues into how Indian society runs in this story. These cultural clues come from this story and they come from various aspects. There are cultural clues from Hinduism mythology and from first-hand accounts of Ms. Kralijevic’s journey to the Taj Mahal. The cultural context of India and its citizens that stems from Hindu mythology stem from how monkeys are perceived. ‘The monkey army commander
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I have been in a situation where a man approached me at a Cabelas (sporting goods store) and we were talking about guns. This man said I was a very charismatic individual and he would like to talk to me about a job opportunity. To make a long story short, this man was trying to sell me on a pyramid scheme. I told the man I would have to think his offer over and never called the man back. He tried to contact me many times, and I ignored his calls and text messages until he finally stopped perusing the business venture. It was a cowardly way of dealing with the situation, but it worked.
I would definitely visit the countryside in different countries looking for business. I believe that in more rural areas, most of the time, businesses care more about the people they serve. With fewer people to cater to they can focus on their consumers. Rural areas, to me, seem to have more interpersonal communications and can be more attentive to their consumer’s needs.
In an event like the one told in the story the only way I prepare myself is by making sure the doors are locked. Otherwise, if you are in an unknown location, it is kind of hard to prepare for an unknown situation like street vendors pestering you. And if I was in the situation that the Deputy Mayor of New Delhi was I would have more than likely done the same thing, hopefully without the tragic ending. When monkeys attack I would do one of two things, fight the attackers or throw

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