The Monkey's Paw By W. Jacobs

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Author W. W. Jacobs was born in Wapping, London, England in 1863 and died in 1943. His real name is William Wymark Jacobs; W. W. Jacobs is just initials of course. His father worked as a dockhand and wharf manager on the South Devon Wharf. His stories feature mariners working through wild adventures because he drew heavily on his father’s work. Jacobs is best known for his horror story The Monkey's Paw, his body of larger work is known for its humor. Jacobs was born an English writer rather than an American writer which I find interesting. He wrote the collection of Twenty Great American Stories. The protagonist in “The Monkey’s Paw” would be Mr.White. It is Mr. White who takes the monkey's paw from the sergeant major, and it is he who
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