The Monkey's Paw

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She was an old woman, looked like she was in her 80s. She had waist-long frizzy grey hair framing thin her ivory colored face with a scowl on it at th moment, her skin looked paper thin, with deepset frow lines, light purple shadows under her eyes, and various spots and imperfections along her aged skin. She had on long dark indigo cloths on that seemed to swallow her entirely.

"Oh, I'm sorry m'am," I replied quickly, "but what is this? And why is it so special?".

Remembering seeing this object in the back of the small shop my mother dragged me into and feeling pulled to it, as I got a closer I got to really see what it was, a hand. It was deep grey and slighty purple, slightly smaller hthan my had, but it was very dry and shrivelled so at one point it may have been bigger. The hand was also covered in hair along the wrist, much more than a humans, it also had a beautiful half dollar coin sized ruby imbeded in the palm of it, and only the pinky finger of the hand was up, curled slightly like a claw. I was sure it was just some toy used to scare people. The womans voice drove me out of my memories as she began speaking again. "It is a monkeys paw," disgusted I almost dropped the paw, but i didnt, "I got it when I was in England over 20…
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