The Monolith

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i’ve watched 2001 along with other Kubrick films over ten times and as a prime of what I state of what my interpretion of the monolith it would be useful to highlife some details, one of them being that there are no aliens in the movie and there is no dialogs specifically describing dialogs. this is as close as we get “18 months ago the first evidence of intelligent life off the earth was discovered.” The briefing scene on the moon contains no cryptic references to the aliens, and may very well be talking about anything and humans flying around in space could also be considered intelligent life off the earth. Our assumption that an alien intelligence is guiding the whole movie is primarily based on the monolith. In the exacted screening…show more content…
The shot then cuts to a guy watching the same display below a window which may be representing us watching the movie. In the excavation scene the the astronauts line up for a photo shoot the cameraman can be seen shooting in 90* agree. Kubrick was a photographer as well and he coded an incredible clue, he timed the shots that so the rectangular lens flare flows in with the lines with it’s own light source at the prices moment that the monolith gives off in to appearing to be a signal. In the mysterious bedroom in the end of the movie there is no way out, no doors. the astronaut is trapped, the monolith is positioned like a door and then the camera switches a position to external in of the door. Tv and cinema screens are flat and two diminutional. In the briefing scene, the monolith
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