The Monroe Doctrine

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The Monroe Doctrine expressed the idea that new countries should be allowed to develop without interference from any stronger nations. The Monroe Doctrine is a doctrine that European nations should not interfere with American nations or try to acquire more territory in the Western Hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine was derived from President James Monroe's message in Congress on December 2, 1823 and became a part of the United States foreign policy. Earlier in the Unit they asked me to give the 4 key points made in the Monroe Doctrine. And these are the points President James Monroe made. One that America never took apart of the European power struggles, neither did it agree with the policy they had to do so. Two they had not interfered with the other European colonization. Three that the American continents had not nor would they interfere with the other European power. Four, finally they would consider any attempt by any European power dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States of America.
In my opinion, I do not believe that we follow the Monroe Doctrine as the foreign policy as the way President Monroe would have intended it or meant it to be used as. One of the reasons I believe this is because during the time that this was created all the stronger European nations at the time, Spain, Great Britain, and France, were looking for new territories to expand their country into. This was also during the time the Americans had just claimed their independence from
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