The Monroe Doctrine: Origin and Early American Foreign Policy

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The essay discusses the creation of the Monroe Doctrine and how its birth shaped U.S. foreign policy from the 1820’s through the American Civil War. It also looks at the key players and their various motives in creating this important document.

The Monroe Doctrine

History during the early 1800’s found the American people very interested in the situation involving the Latin American countries found in central, South America, and Mexico. Though these Latin countries tried to establish their own government and proclaimed their independence, certain European countries continued to fight and reinstate their force and power over them. A major factor to consider was that France and Spain were considering joining forces to create a large
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The population of the states, at that time, was expanding and settled land was becoming crowded. Great Britain, though perhaps not too happy to relinquish any powers or rights to colonize any territory in the American territory, offered support to the implementation of a diplomatic document issued regarding this issue.

President James Monroe governed the States with an intelligent and fair leadership. There are two things for which he is named and perhaps best known, Fort Monroe and the Monroe Doctrine. Both Fort Monroe and the Monroe Doctrine were both created in the hopes of deterring future attacks on the States, seen in the burning of Washington and during the colonization of the territories of the country. Fort Monroe developed as a coastal defensive port, a stronghold against foreign military advances. The Monroe Doctrine developed as a defensive mechanism against European countries and the Holy Alliance, countries dominating in world power and continuing to pursue land in the western hemisphere.

James Monroe grew up as a planter and later became a military officer. His military career was considered unsuccessful by most, his job was to enlist soldiers into the war and his success rate was low. He later served as senator and governor of Virginia and was assigned to duty overseas by President Thomas Jefferson. He increased his
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