The Monsanto Company's Relationship and Performance in the Market Amidst Ethical, Social and Legal Odds

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Monsanto Company is a large multinational agricultural conglomerate that supplies genetically engineered products to the market. The enormity of its financial muscle makes it a strong market force. The company has been engaging in unscrupulous activities while receiving protection from the government and other government agencies in its undertakings. This analysis utilizes a heuristic approach to dissect the Monsanto’s relationship and performance in the market amidst ethical, social and legal odds.
Monsanto Company and Government Ties
Challenges facing Monsanto Company have been many. This company has been engaging in unscrupulous undertakings that have led to innumerable law suits against the company. In many countries, Monsanto
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These appointments have made it possible for Monsanto Company to impose influence in the government and related regulatory agencies. For instance, when Obama entered into office, investigations were launched on the operations of Monsanto Company but were later terminated without any tangible reason given to members of the public.
When questioned about their business and operations, the President of Monsanto Company noted that their work is to make money while the work of the FDA was to ensure that products from individual companies were safe for public consumption (). This shows a substantial level of impunity and disregard of quality and safe productions.
Monsanto and Small Farmers & Dairy
Small farmers have been at a loss with regard to farm produce. Small farmers have been subjected to innumerable law suits by the Monsanto Company since it has the financial muscle to marshal support from legal experts. In one weird case hearing, Monsanto Company stated that pollens from small farmers were contaminating the company’s produce leading to cross pollination. This resulted in impure seeds that were less than perfect when subjected to harsh products like the company’s Roundup® pesticide.
Small farmers have been forced to have at least 70 % of their farm products from Monsanto Company. Farmers that did not adhere to this ideation were segregated and their products lacked market as the company flooded local markets with similar products. These farmers ended

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