The Monster In Frankenstein

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If one were to create a dog out of clay, that dog would have no way of becoming more alive than its creator, for it is made of clay. As the creator of the monster, Victor Frankenstein is seen as more human than his creation. However, Frankenstein's actions persuade the reader to believe he doesn’t have the human characteristics of being sane and rational. Frankenstein does not create his monster to be like himself, but instead makes him hideous and repulsive to other humans. This , leads him to reject his own creation as well. Frankenstein is more inhuman than the monster, because of the comparison of their characteristics and personality. Victor Frankenstein’s constantly changing personality contributes to his mindlessness, as well as madness after he finishes his creation. Once Frankenstein has created his monster, he immediately is infuriated with himself for creating such a wretched creature who he knows will destroy everything in its path if he does not destroy it. What he doesn't realize, is that he is one of the main contributors to the monsters uproar and disaster plan. In addition, the monster expresses himself more rationally than Frankenstein, for example: when Frankenstein was pulling out his hair worrying about the monster he released into society. Frankenstein expressed about his temper that it “was sometimes violent, and my passion vehement…” (Shelley, 33). A great yearning to learn and become more intelligent enveloped Frankenstein, producing stress and
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