The Monster Is Responsible For The Death Of Many People

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Frankenstein Essay A monster is responsible for the death of many people. Who is more sinful? the monster himself, or the creator of the monster? Although the monster is the sinful murderer, the creator has evaded his responsibilities of containing the monster he has created. Thus, making the creator the more sinful advocate. In the book “Frankenstein”, written by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein, a young, curious man filled with aspirations to create a living monster has accomplished the unthinkable. A monster was born in Victor Frankenstein’s apartment, a fairly small apartment located in Ingolstadt, Germany. When there is a creature that has deadly potential, there are measures taken to control the potential dangers the creature can inflict on people. Victor’s existence occurred naturally. Meanwhile, the monster 's existence blossomed from Victor. Victor holds the intellectual ability to know what is sinful, and what is not.Victor is the most sinful person because, the monster holds only the intellectual ability to control his emotions and actions that Victor has given him. Victor is also more sinful due his horrendous inability to give Frankenstein (the monster) an ethical conscience. Victor is also more sinful, because it was his responsibility to contain his monster, and prevent him from imposing violent actions on other humans. Victor Frankenstein is more sinful than the monster he has created, because the monster holds only the intellectual ability to control his
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