The Monster: School Testing Essay

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The Monster: School Testing
Everyone has their fears, some don’t like heights, the dark, and some just being in a crowd or making a speech. One thing, however, many students dread is testing. Testing after every chapter is normal and many students can get through that if they understand the subject and it is taught well. There is one test, however, that to many, especially the younger children, see as a monster. This monster is standardized testing, a monster which needs to be put down. Anyone who has taken standardized tests notices a pattern. There are questions, on the standardized tests, that are straightforward for the grade level of test that everyone would know, there are questions below that grade level, and there are questions that you have to guess on because it is something above your level of knowledge. However most of the time those questions are irrelevant to what you are learning in those classes. How can you learn or see how much of what you are actually learning when you are constantly taking standardized tests. These standardized tests which are not being done by our schools, but the federal government.
The intent one must remember with standardized testing is that it is to gauge our countries overall level in certain areas. Testing overall holds many purposes. At its core testing allows teachers, professors and other educators to see how well their student(s) grasped the knowledge which was imparted to them. This in turn allows said students to see how…