The Monster Within By Jeffrey Dahmer

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The Monster Within, a documentary released in early 2002, follows the life of the world’s most notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The documentary follows the life of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer told from his father’s, Lionel Herbert Dahmer, side of things. Jeffrey Dahmer killed seventeen men, had sex with their corpses, and ate them. It focuses on Dahmer’s sexuality, his reason of doing these things, and the timeline of his life and murders. There were many interesting facts used in the documentary that really keeps the viewers mind focused, and surprised with every detail stated.
Jeffrey Dahmer stated that the flesh would be kept in acid from one to two weeks to decompose, and become “jelly”. This relates to the documentary because it described one of the many ways Dahmer would keep his murders a secret. Dahmer’s documentary also opened the conversation of child predators, which Dahmer was, he prayed on all age’s not just older men, but younger men. He got away with it multiple times, the documentary discusses how child predators usually kill their victims in fear they will go, and tell on their predator. In 1988, Dahmer lured a young man to his home, but let him free due to his grandmother, whom he lived with at the time, arriving home earlier. In this case one of Dahmer’s youngest victim, Konerak Sinthasomphone, whom was the younger brother of a male that Dahmer lured into his home in 1988 before his grandmother interrupted, was drugged and taken into Dahmer’s home.
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