The Monster 's Body Is A Culture Body Essay

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Today we have a big number of different versions of movies “Godzilla”. Godzilla is the favorite monster in Japan and which is embodiment of the culture desire of the powerful and strong country. The monster presents as the most famous pop culture icon of Japan whose role is to solve politico-social conflict. The early 50’s were extremely difficult time in the World history. At this time, after WOW II, in the world occurs worsening of the politico-social conflict between the major world powers. Japan becomes the place where the tragedy is occurred and as a result of which the Japanese civilians were bombed by the nuclear weapon in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Cohen “Thesis VII” from “Thesis I: The Monster’s Body is a Culture Body.”, the author explains, “The monster is born only at [a] metaphoric crossroads, as an embodiment f a certain culture moment-of a time, a feeling, and a place.” In fact, this conflict inspired to create Godzilla who is symbol of Japan tragedy and important part of culture tradition of country. "Thesis Seven: The monster Stands at the Threshold ...of Becoming." Monsters are our children, “claims Cohen. “They can be pushed to the farthest margin of geography and discourse, hidden away at the edges of the world and the forbidden recesses of the mind, but they always return." Godzilla is popular monster in the world. It is the relevant today though place, time, and fears Musayelyan2 The monster is relevant today through place .The…

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