The Monsters And Their Origin

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Monster Stephen T. Asma has given an analysis of the monsters and their origin. Besides, he gives a definition on the fears of human beings regarding the monsters. The prejudices and fears date back to prehistory and the developments in evolution that have occurred throughout in humanity. The prehistory gives an account of the concerns that people have in today 's world. The author uses the term monster to describe myths and physical deformities. Stephen Asma uses the term to describe that there are fears in the post-modern and advanced world of technology (11). Stephen T. Asma has satisfactorily achieved the goal of defining monsters. The monsters have changed, and there are numerous functions that they have served in the society. Additionally, the monsters will take various form in the future. Asma gives a reason for the existence of monsters in all societies and how the monsters help individuals to cope with life. The significance of monsters in the culture has transformed from most societies from polytheism to monotheism. Furthermore, the community has received increased enlightenment through improvements in science and technology. In his book, Asma identifies some of the fears that the future hold. The monsters have applied a captivation in the minds of human beings for centuries. However, most of the monsters are either real and literal or imagined and metaphorical. In the book, Asma suggests ways of handling the monsters through managing ambiguity, uncertainty, and

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