The Monsters Inside Me Essay

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In my Painting 2 class, which I took in the fall of 2012, my instructor Chris Finley suggested to me that I, being an aspiring and acting art teacher, apply my curricula to myself. So I thought back to my most successful lesson, “Aaagh! Monsters!” In that class, I asked my students, ages 5 through 8 year olds, to create a monster of their own. We did a little research into the monsters other people had created in books, in other appropriate visual media, and throughout history. I then asked them to tell me specific things about their monsters like their names, where they lived, what they ate, and so on, so that they could gain a better understanding of who or what their monsters were and be able to depict them more clearly. The children…show more content…
A monster is generally morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, and/or a freak of nature. It can also be applied figuratively to a person with similar characteristics such as a greedy person or a person who does horrible things: “that person is a monster”. The word "monster" derives from the Latin word monstrum, which is an unusual occurrence that was taken as a sign that something was wrong within the natural order of the world or it may indicate something evil. However, the root of monstrum is the Latin word monere, which does not only mean to warn, but also to instruct. Therefore, a monster can also be seen as a sign or a lesson to be learned. This nonthreatening interpretation was proposed by Saint Augustine, who did not see the monster as inherently evil, but as part of the natural design of the world, a kind of deliberate, categorical error. A “monster” can mean many things depending on the circumstances surrounding its existence and/or behavior. Let’s narrow it down though by looking at some examples. Monsters have been shown throughout history and the media in many different forms and contexts. In order to understand how society defines monsters, let’s categorize them into three basic categories of monsters as they appear to us most often. The first category of monsters is mythical and legendary monsters. A mythical or legendary monster is known through a story, poem, or oral tale. They

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