The Montessori Theory Of Education

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The Montessori approach to education takes its name from Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator. The first Montessori school was s established January 6.1907 in the Casa dej Bambin in Rome. Dr. Maria Montessori did her study with young child, and gradually in countries such as Spain and India. Dr. Maria, basic principle behind the Montessori methods is that Children teach themselves she came to this conclusion after observing children from a variety of different of setting and utilizing her background in psychology and medicine. Through this interaction and experience, the children 's developed an extraordinary high level of intellectual and social ability at young ages. She constructed to organize and leaning to the…show more content…
There were several separated areas in the classroom. There was a section for every subject to learn. All the children had personal space to be free or if they liked they could pick a partner to do group works. For children who enjoyed reading and English they were a location for them to work on that topic. In the English and reading is the language area where children where the children learn how to read, in this part of the room there is a book self’s, where they learn beginning sounds, They also have a animals for each a letter within the Alpha the letters hand on, there are no ABC chart hanging on the wall. Geographic had placed in the room with space where they were flashcard, globes, flags that they could hold for example a flashcard would say “The truck is a support for the halyard at the top of the flagpole “.And that was involving the earth and landmarks. The sciences area there were plants, eggs, visual drawings of animals folders with part of all animals that were labeled part of trees that are labeled, and leaves that were labeled. Practical life throughout using the visually things to touch table’s plates, and thing those everyday things we learn every day. They are things such as beading, pouring, sorting, and motor skills. In the math Area, there was stick that does into going a box that allowed for the children self-correctional themselves as well as self-assessment. If the child did not get it correct, there was only the amount to allow them
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