The Montgomery Bus Boycott : Abolizing The Civil Rights Movement

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The next event that energized the Civil Right Movement was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This event helped the movement because it finally gave the NAACP a case in which they could test the segregation of the black community in Alabama. Over the past years the NAACP had been slowly deteriorating and picking at the “Jim Crow” laws, but unfortunately, they had no big or serious case to take to court until Rosa Parks came onto the scene. This is because when Rosa Parks refused to move and stayed in her seat, she gave the NACCP the chance to show that whites and blacks were not equal, especially in everyday aspect of life. In some respects, they were far from it. In 1956 the Supreme Court ruled that segregation on buses was illegal. The victory that the NAACP got from this case, gave the Civil Rights Movement that extra lift it required as well as encouraged other blacks to challenge white society’s supremacy. In the Montgomery Bus Boycott, blacks refused to take the bus because of the way white people acted towards Rosa Parks. It was a political and social nonviolent protest that started in 1955 and went on for over a year. This boycott resulted in the buses going broke because about 75 percent of their commuters who were black refused to take it. The bus boycott was vital because it was the last straw for the unfair treatment of black people. The notorious day Rosa Parks said no to a white man, she unintentionally started a change in America. The most important reason the

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