The Monumental Waste Of Time

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I guess I should mention the monumental waste of time that was obviously part of the NFL’s diabolical scheme to keep us talking about football through the offseason. A federal judge just tossed out Tom Brady’s four game suspension for being “generally aware” of inappropriate activities, essentially confirming that Roger Goodell overstepped his bounds when issuing the punishment. Unfortunately the appeals process is sure to drag this on even longer but for now Brady is free to play as Goodell continues to do what he does best, make the league look bad.
I don’t like Goodell and I don’t like the Patriots so I have no dog in this fight. Neither side seems totally honest or transparent. I can’t fathom an equipment manager altering footballs without some understanding that the quarterback wanted them to be altered. But even if Brady told someone to deflate footballs before a game, it is still just an equipment violation that only warrants a fine under the collective bargaining agreement. Goodell obviously thinks Brady is lying or part of a cover-up, but absent any real proof, all he should be allowed to do is issue a fine. I agree with the judge 's ruling and I hope that’s the end of it.
But I also hope there are a few good stories to come out. Jim McNally and John Jastremski were two were key figures in the investigation and both are no longer employed by the Patriots as a result of it. I would imagine there are large money offers for them to tell…
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