The Mood Disorder Depression Essay

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The Mood Disorder Depression

Depression can be defined as an affective, or mood disorder characterized by mood deviations that exceed normal mood fluctuations. At its most extreme, depression can describe a psychotic state where the individual cannot function on his or her own. Everyone can go through times of feeling down for a period of time after having suffered a loss, but for people with the illness known as depression, these feelings of sadness can go on for long periods of time. In fact, about 1 in every 10 of us will be seriously depressed during sometime in our lives. As viewed by psychiatrists, depression is an illness in which a person experiences a marked change in their mood and in the way they view themselves and
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One type of depression is known as major depression which is the most serious of all types of depression when speaking of the amount of symptoms and severity of symptoms. Some believe that one must feel suicidal or have a history of hospitalizations in order to be considered to have major depression, however this is not true. Bipolar depression usually occurs during ones early twenties, and is a disorder which involves mood switches which are dramatic and rapid, nevertheless most often they are gradual. It also deals with cycles of elation or mania which often affects thinking, judgment, and social behavior. Bipolar disorder almost always involves abnormal moods at both ends of the “emotional spectrum.” Those with bipolar depression can have extreme mood swings ranging from extreme euphoria to incapacitating depression called manic episodes. Manic episodes usually begin suddenly, and symptoms rise rapidly. During an episode of euphoria the persons self-confidence is inflated, throughout this the persons ability to function is verily impaired, they can run up bills or even disappear for weeks at a time.

About 2 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder annually. For both men and women the chances of getting bipolar disorder are equal. Another form of depression is dysthymic disorder which refers to a
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