The Moon, Has Anyone Yet For Arrive? Essay

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The Moon, Has Anyone Yet to Arrive? On the twentieth of June in the year of 1969, the world watched as Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins completely obliterated the original ideas of what the human race thought was possible and impossible during their expedition to the moon. Apollo 11 could have undoubtedly been the most monumental and extraordinary operation to have happened in history. However, with the abundant amount of unanswered questions and failure to provide further evidence over the years, many have felt compelled to dismember the expedition, and in that time individuals have become more inclined to doubt it ever happened. How could the government be so deceitful, and why would it be necessary to lie to the whole world about such a game changer? According to psychologist Robert H. Knapp, the formation of rumors surrounding events such as this isn’t bizarre; in fact it is quite prevalent for society to become engulfed in such pronounced gossip. As scholarly figures and other skeptics continued to examine the conduct of the expedition and equipment that would’ve been utilized, they found inconsistencies that lead to no other conclusion than determining the endeavor was fabricated. The assembled expedition was thoughtfully composed; although, due to the questionable shadows and hot spots, somewhat concerning position of the American flag, and absence of blast craters, it can leave one wondering if the rumor isn’t that we didn’t reach the moon,

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