The Moonstone Essay

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Wilkie Collins portrayal of a cursed diamond in The Moonstone, this Victorian era detective fiction book is still recognized globally today. Although, this novel was written in the nineteenth century Collin effortlessly distinguished the novel for viewers of all ages. The novel is not only a detective fiction but also has some elements of action and romance. Collins not only writes novels but also poetry and has been recognized internationally for all his work. Collins can with ease characterize all his characters in the novel. There are many contradistinction aspects in the moonstone but the most fascinating one is viewing the novel in a psychological approach. The reason is because in the novel Franking Blake unconsciously steals the …show more content…
This not only demonstrates the level of social standards their in but also their capacity for reasoning. This allegation also proves that the stone is cursed. The Indian talks about the vengeance the stone will have on the individual that possesses it. The diamond meant so much to these Indians that they felt compelled to risk their own life so that they may maintain possession of it for their religious purpose. Although, this jewel meant so much to these innocent Indians, to the others that stole it only meant money. The moonstone was extremely well known. For example when Betteredge says: “We, have been talking of the loss of the Indian diamond, in my aunt’s house in Yorkshire, two years since. Mr. Buff thinks, as I think, that the whole story ought, in the interest of the truth, to be placed on record in writing” (Moonstone 21). Not only are they aware of the Stones history but also they are planning in making it a novel. Everything that has happened as lead to another in this novel because the diamond was given to Rachel from her dead uncle on her birthday and it was a curse upon her life. The curse has caused her to feel unhappy, sympathetic, and lonely. Rachel had not wished for her life to change but this gift unknowingly as caused it upon her. This cursed has unfolded into many things like Ian Duncan says:
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