The Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare

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In the tragedy Othello, Shakespeare created a theme that was not only based on jealousy but hatred as well. The symbol of the story was the handkerchief which added intensity to the story between the characters Othello and his wife Desdemona. Racism, love, and manipulation also played a major part in the story as revenge between the two characters Othello and Iago had arose. The character that I chose to write about was Iago; in the story he was deceitful, selfish, manipulative, jealous, but also very clever. He had the tendency to trick anyone to believe what he was saying was the truth. Based upon the comparison of Iago and George Zimmerman we can see that Othello is still relevant today.
One noticeable characteristic that Iago showed was the act of being prejudiced. For, example in scene one Iago states: “Though I do hate him as I do hell pains,/Yet for necessity of present life/I must show out a flag and sign of love,/Which is indeed but sign”. (Oth.1.1.154-155) Prejudiced is shown from Iago because here he says that he hates Othello; yet he still must show him that he cares and he’s devoted even if he has to fake it. He is clarifying here that when he says he hates Othello he really means it; he is dedicated to get revenge on Othello just as much as Roderigo wants to get Desdemona to himself. Iago was angry at Othello overlooking him and…
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