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The Moral Argument for the Existence of God Kant did NOT put forward a moral argument and anyone who said he does is wrong!!!! Kant rejected all attempts to argue from the world to God, he regarded such an exercise as impossible. However he thought that God was a POSTULATE of practical reason. If you share Kant’s assumptions, then it becomes necessary to assume that there is a God. Kant’s reasoning…. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. All human beings desire and seek happiness --------------------------------------------- 2. All human beings ought to be moral and do their duty ------------------------------------------------------- 3. The…show more content…
Of course, it may well be that the Universe is not fair – Kant had a deep sense of trust in the fairness of the Universe and if this is rejected then the postulates are not needed. Argument from absolute moral values =================================== A different approach to that of Kant comes from those who argue from the existence of some absolute moral values. Rashdall put forward this argument but it was developed by Sorley. Sorley claims: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. There is an absolute moral law. Sorley supports this claim with the following reasons: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. People are conscious of an absolute moral law 3. People acknowledge the demands that this law makes on them even if they break it 4. No finite mind grasps the whole of what this represents 5. Ideas exist only in minds 6. Therefore there must be a supreme mind, beyond all finite minds, in which this absolute moral law exists. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorley claims that unlike Natural Law which is descriptive of human nature, the Moral Law is prescriptive. It describes not what IS but what SHOULD BE. The Natural Law approach to Ethics stems

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