The Moral Code Of Medicine

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Although we frequently find ourselves amidst ethical dilemmas while we navigate through our day-to-day lives, none of the dilemmas we encounter are as controversial as those in the field of medicine. Undoubtedly, resolving conflict among principles is a difficult task. In the context of medicine, decisions tend to have a strong and direct correlation to life or death. Due to such, the gravity of decisions is amplified within this industry. Usually, the source of the dilemma is a result of friction within the four main domains: respect for others, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence (Westgate, 2017). In the presentation, Susan Westgate offered one authentic advice to help us navigate these situations of conflict- “go back to your…show more content…
In the presentation, we briefly talked about the stereotypes we have of those who display an excess of faith. I acknowledge that I think the mother has a knowledge gap, is being unrealistic and is being faithful at the expense of her child’s health. But what of miracles? Science is not 100% and neither is anything else. There are indeed exceptions to the rule, and their occurrence makes decisions even more difficult. But, how can one take away the hope of a miracle to emphasize the reality provided claimed by science? In similar discussions during the presentation in regards to the case of Jahi Mcmath, it was highlighted that continuingly providing care for her after her being pronounced dead was taking away resources from another child who required it. This is the reality. We have limited resources. Using this logic, it almost justifies Daniel not receiving care. However, we must realize that Daniel is a minor who is not mature enough to make his own decisions. If he was an adult, refusing treatment so that someone else could receive it instead would be a gesture of goodwill. But, because of his level of maturity, his opinion regarding the treatment options is frankly irrelevant. The right thing to do is to treat him and give him a chance to live. However, great level of care and sensitivity is required to handle the situation
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