The Moral Compass Of The Force

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The moral compass of the Force, exhibited through the conduct and emotions of living entities who were themselves subject to a stimulating, omnipotent fabrication; vigorously compartmentalize two distinct dogmas that, once again, embody a spectrum of behavioral and cognitive norms. The light and dark side of the Force, constituting two ethical nature’s, enact elements of alignment that nurtures a Force-sensitives’ source of power. By means of these catalysts and/or disciplines, one in tune with the Force, is consumed by such instinctive state of minds as a way of going about internal endeavours.

The light side of the Force is entangled with the ideals of good. With its philosophical methods being engaged with the shadows of compassion, altruism, knowledge, healing, and benevolence, a practitioner of such state of mind, whom which are referred to in the Star Wars films and animated television programs, as the Jedi, seeks for peace and justice. As this noble periphery of the Force, encourages and fortifies its followers to utilize wisdom and logic as a mechanism of action, they divorce themselves from strong emotions, and, instead, explore enlightenment. By doing so, one loyal to the light side of the force, is fulfilling their ultimate ambition, a life rich in harmony.

The dark side of the Force, embroidered in raw emotions, is conceived as the spiritual angle submerged in corruption and annihilation. A Force-sensitive devoted to the teachings of the dark side, avails

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