The Moral Concepts Of Anne Stewart 's Character, And The Unstableness Amenabar

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The Others intertwines the plot with the underlying theme of good versus evil. The moral concepts are adapted within Anne’s character, and the unstableness Amenábar wanted to showcase can be proven by analyzing her character. One major notion of Anne is the concept of trauma and the impact in had on her existing innocence, Amenábar further expresses this idea with the context of Anne’s storyline. The complications of her character prove that these concepts are unstable but with intention. With help of perspectives, angles and dialogue within The Others, Amenábar further shows that because of the trauma faced, it is caused a sinister portrayal of Anne Stewart, even if it is not the truth. This paper will further explore Anne Stewart’s…show more content…
Amenábar uses her character with intent to focus the viewers awareness on the unstable concepts of good versus evil. The characteristics displayed by Anne align with “evil traits” in the eyes of her mother. The concept of evil within her character is further revealed when Nicholas, Grace and her were reading about Christ, and Anne could not contain her laughter. This demonstrates that instead of portraying childlike innocence and acceptance, she has the ability to form her own opinion – even if it is problematic in the eyes of her mother – and is not afraid to say it, as shown by her speaking up “Those children were raised stupid, because they said they only believed in Jesus and then died for it” (The Others). The concept of her speaking her mind is significant because Grace realizes she does not have control over her daughter any longer. Another moment where Anne displays evil is when Nicholas agrees with Grace’s claim about the Romans being stupid. This brings disbelief to their mother, who retaliates against her claims by trying to evoke fear in her children. Nicholas is quick to react fearfully, but when the camera pans to Anne, she does not show a reaction. The use of light and what it symbolizes also becomes a reoccurring element displayed throughout the movie. Light symbolizes good and the inversion of life. The children are allergic to light when they are

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