The Moral Decay Of A Broken Heart

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It’s ironic how to get over one guy because he won’t sleep with you, your friend advice you to go sleep with many more to get that original guy out of you system. The moral decay is the fact that Lenina doesn’t recognize that she likes John because she wants to be with John, not just another sexual partner or lover to conquer. The lack of real relationships that this civilization forbid effects those who are confused on what they want and what they need. Sexual desire will not fulfil the empty longing for connection neither will a happy pill of Soma heal a broken heart. This utopia explains how the morals effect the action and culture of a community. If the community instructs that all male can have more than one sex partner than the culture and morals will be lost because the lust overcompensate the ethical morals have not having sex as the major role in human existence. My interpretation of the excessive consumption and production has to do with the mentality of the situation. The kids are ‘death conditioned’ which means brainwashed to observe the comparison between life and death. The shows that she has more groups of children that come to the hospital which is associated to the large number of infants that are created in the Fertilizing room. The don’t interpret privacy to mourn as the Savage do, these kids are consumed or produce to be allow to have such emotions out to be expressed. There is an excessive learning objective that children should not learn until their
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