The Moral Dilemma Of Drinking Alcohol

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To be completely honest, I found this writing activity to be quite the challenge. I have lived a pretty calm and overall major free life, which is why I found it hard to think of a time where I faced a true ethical/moral dilemma. This is not to say that I have never faced with an issue where I had to choose between good and bad, or right and wrong, because I have. Rather, I feel as though the situations I have dealt with are not that big of a deal and have not affected me in a great way. With that said, however, I can recall a time where I faced a moral dilemma( I wouldn’t call it a true only because, like I said, I feel as though I lack that experience). I have always been against drinking alcohol, essentially it is against my morals to do so. I have had bad experiences in the past when it comes to alcohol and it left me with quite the sour taste in my mouth about the whole ordeal. On my friend’s birthday she decided she wanted to go to a club and have a few drinks. The whole night my friends were all trying to get me to drink, they said it would be fun and that I shouldn’t worry about anything. I refused each time, and even with my protest they kept asking me and handing me drinks.Prior to going out that night, I had promised my parents I would not drink because they knew how the group got when we go out and wanted make sure at least one person was 100% aware. As the night went on, I could tell how much fun everyone was having because they were drinking, but I also saw…

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